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Eat Honey for it is  


About Us

I have always been intrigued by beekeeping, so over 10 years ago I decided to give it a try.  I fell in love and from that love From the Hive Honey Shop was born 

​We proudly sell all of the following items.
  • Local and Regional Raw Honeys
  • Infused Raw Honeys
  • Natural Bath and Body products
  • Gifts
  • Home Decor
  • Candles
  • Honey Pots
Our Services

We at From the Hive are always here to answer all your questions and help guide you thru your first year of beekeeping. In addition to mentoring beekeepers we offer the following.

  • Beekeeping Tutorials

  • In store Honey Tasting Events

  • On location Bee Talks for schools and companies

  • Wholesale Orders

  • Products Shipped Nationwide

  • Custom Favors

Customer Comments

"Found this lovely little shop unexpectedly while visiting the Somerville area - as someone who loves honey and appreciates bees/bee products, I adored it! It was a charming store with lots of little personal touches and a surprising variety of honeys and honey products, such as honey-infused shampoo and skin care products, bee pollen (which I have a hard time finding elsewhere), jewelry, unique gifts like wooden spoons with wood-burned bees on them, and interesting honey flavors like raspberry and coffee-infused honey! The variety was so nice, and the shopkeeper (who is also a beekeeper!) was very down-to-earth and informative. I could tell she is passionate about what she does, and it's wonderful that she had such good things to say about the benefits of bees and beekeeping. I'm really looking forward to returning here next time I'm in Somerville."

"I discover something new each time I visit your store. Just tried the All Natural Boo-Boo Cream on a burn. To my surprise it worked instantly with no sensitivity on my finger the next day. Can’t wait to see any new products"

"My favorite place to stop in and grab honey sticks when I have a sore throat like today! Love the yummy flavors!!!"

"I always love there honey. But today I was there with my daughter and she had a question. They were able to fully explain to her in child friendly terms how the honey is collected."

bee nectar2.jpg

Being a Friend to Bees


  • Never use chemicals on your lawn or garden.  Always look for natural options

  • Plant bee friendly flowers.

  • Leave out a clean water source.  Bees only need an inch of water and a place to stand on safety so they don't fall in.

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